Enterprise Expertise At Affordable Rates

By working with experienced pay-per-click (PPC) specialists, you win new customers and drive business growth through all areas of PPC, from Paid Search and Shopping Campaigns to Display and Audience Retargeting.

With unrivalled knowledge of pay-per-click marketing and efficient in-house processes, you get an effective, efficient and affordable PPC service that drives a measurable return.


Pay-Per-Click Package Benefits

  • Your account, Your data
  • Deep PPC knowledge
  • KPI analysis weekly 
  • Monthly reporting
  • No long-term contracts
  • Google merchant centre monitoring (*e-commerce)
  • Advanced optimisation
  • Revenue focussed
  • Regional, National & Global campaigns
  • Multi-lingual PPC
  • ROI development
  • Call, online lead & sales tracking

Optimised Customer Journey

Tailored Strategies

Some agencies use a "one size fits all" approach when it comes to PPC. We don't roll out the same strategy for all clients. For your Business, we deliver a bespoke paid media strategy utilising our experience and know-how. 

Why Click Pilot?

  • You own your account and data
  • You don't want to work with a novice
  • You need tactical strategies to hit your objectives
  • You need measurable results
  • You need to be found
  • You're busy
  • You need to justify your investment
  • You want a long-term fit
  • You want to put your best foot forward
  • You want a dedicated, small expert team

Our Process, Your Account

Research Phase

Gathering a thorough understanding of the economics of your business, who your customers are and how they shop online along with your growth objectives. 

Custom Campaign Build

Your PPC campaign built and optimised for your audiences and objectives using smart tools and our industry-leading knowledge.  A custom setup just for you.

Eyes On your Account...Daily, Weekly, Monthly

Daily monitoring with eyes on the most important KPI's mean adjustments more often meaning faster evolution and better performance. 

A/B Testing

Heard of A/B Testing? This maximises your position and your ROI by ensuring your account is performing at its very best.

Active Management & Optimisation

Your marketing turned into profits with continuous analysis, incremental improvements and an eagle eye on the details. 

Monthly Reporting

Keeps you up to speed on account performance, insights and action plans.