The automotive sector presents many challenges when retailing online, with a wide variety of products and diverse customer types. This blog post explains how car part retailers should approach Google Ads

This blog post explains the advantages and disadvantages of bidding on your own brand name as a keyword in Google Ads.

We’re looking for a master of Google Ads, Facebook ads, and other channels of pay-per-click advertising. This role is ideal for an experienced PPC manager who is passionate about digital marketing, with the knowledge that gives clients confidence as you formulate and implement strategies that will meet their goals.

Google Ads are a fast, effective way for musical instrument retailers to reach a bigger audience.

Let’s look at 10 of the most common reasons why Google Ads aren’t maximising your profitability and what to do about them. 

We explain what Google Shopping is, how it's different to Google search ads and how a retailer can use it to increase sales.  

As an online retailer, your primary question is: how can I grow my customer base and increase sales? There are two key aspects in achieving this: increasing traffic, balanced with quality of traffic.

How much should I spend to advertise on Google? This blog post explains how retailers should define their Google Ads budget.

This guide for retailers will explain why you should advertise on Google and how to get started. Find out more to increase your sales. 

Digital marketing has become a great way to spread the word, generating awareness and a route to direct sales. This post provides some ideas on how to start driving sales online. 

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